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Hello Allie,

It's been so long! I'm enjoying the new areas your are venturing out in w/your blogs! Wondering about BodyRocktv workouts & if you bought a gymboss to time yourself. I'm considering purchasing one, but thought I'd check around to see if folks find using them quite useful & for other workouts too? Is it worth the $20... Hope you are quite well these days~

Allie Finch

Hi Stef! I've been thinking about you - it's good to hear from you.
I LOVE my Gymboss timer, which I've had for about 1.5 years. I've been thinking about reviewing it for awhile. I use it a lot, but really only for interval training. I love BodyRock style workouts (sometimes I follow hers, often I create my own centered around my own training goals). For me, it was totally worth $20. It's easier to push yourself completely when you are just following beeps & not worrying about watching your watch/clock. I like it so much, I've even thought about contacting them about doing an affiliate program on this page.

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